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I am primarily a painter of horses and angels.  A compelling fusion of Impressionism and Expressionism, my work challenges us to experience the world through the medium of emotions.  It calls us to commune with the spirituality of animals and the divine, to see our commonality with both the terrestrial and the spiritual, and to reorient to a less harried and more serene era of human existence.  My paintings play with the human psyche, tease it, and, ultimately, inform it.  We are, at once, surprised and comforted, reaching deep within ourselves to places long forgotten that once again beckon to us.  I started painting horses through my love for my Arabian horse.  I started painting Angels after living in Mexico and experiencing their festivals.



dede’s horses


Fear is a great motivator. It got me to face one of my biggest challenges: horses. But once I got beyond my fear of these magnificent animals, a whole new world opened up for me. Perhaps the most unique and powerful paintings I create are my depictions of horses. 

The intemperate mind, the wild eyes, the warm heart and the tenderness of horses is what I try to capture in my work. My palette consists of bold, raw color contrasting against stark light to convey a sense of energy and power. I am trying to capture the essence and soul of every horse that I paint.


dede’s angels


After being in Mexico for years I fell in love with the spirit of celebration in Mexican life.  Rooted long in history, the local sense of fiesta is seen on many weekends with parades, fireworks and most importantly community. Dia de los Meurtos (Day of the Dead) changed my perspective on death and the accompanying sorrow. This holiday is to celebrate those lives lost and honor them with an ofrendas (an alter), favorite foods and stories.  I started painting angels  to portray the belief that spirits from the other world visit us during the Day of the Dead.

Each angel has been assigned a specific color and job in the Universe. I use broad strokes of the colors assigned to each angel to capture their ethereal nature and the feel of their specific job.


commissions and other art


Over the years my focus has been the strong, yet flowing movements of horses fueled by my love for these animals. Also, I have done many commissions of angels and other animals. If you are interested in a commission please go to the Contact page to email me directly.